Please contact us directly if you have any other questions! 

What's Daily Edge?

Daily Edge makes a deliciously refreshing Enhanced Fruit Drink. Our enhanced fruit drinks are created to hydrate and support your gut. They contain essential electrolytes and prebiotics. Daily Edge Enhanced Fruit Drinks contain filtered water with expertly-formulated fruit combinations.

Where Can I Buy Daily Edge?

During our launch phase, you will be able to purchase our drinks on Amazon.com.  Please visit our website or go directly to Amazon.com to learn about Daily Edge and to purchase.  We will keep you updated as we become available in stores near you!

 Is Daily Edge Organic and Non-GMO?

Daily Edge is not an organic product, but we do not contain any genetically modified organisms. We are currently applying to become Non-GMO Certified.

Does Daily Edge contain caffeine?

Daily Edge was created to energize you at the core — by supporting gut health, digestion, and hydration levels. We are proudly caffeine-free!

Does Daily Edge contain any alcohol?

Daily Edge is a non-alcoholic, non-fermented drink.

Does Daily Edge need to be refrigerated?

No, Daily Edge does not need to be refrigerated before opening. We do recommend that you drink Daily Edge once it has been chilled.  Also, please refrigerate after opening.

When should I drink Daily Edge?

Daily Edge is a drink to support active lifestyles, but it also tastes great and looks cool (in our humble opinion). Daily Edge can be your on-the-go drink to support your sustained energy levels; it can be a treat that you drink at the end of the day, and it can also serve as a reimagined sports drink. You can drink it as much as you want, so stock up!

When will Daily Edge be in my local store?

Soon!  Please tell your store that they should consider Daily Edge.  Also, please shoot us a note directly to let us know about where you'd like to see Daily Edge available.

When will Daily Edge be available Online?

Mid - 2020!

What is monk fruit?

Monk fruit is a natural sweetener extracted from Monk Fruit. Monk fruit, from Southeast Asia, is believed to be antioxidant-rich, has zero calories, and is significantly sweeter than sugar. We use Monk fruit because of its health benefits and because it doesn't add that artificial or stevia-sweetened flavor. 

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are dietary fibers that remain undigested by the human body. They all make it to your gut and act as food for the good bacteria that is already in your gut. This helps your good bacteria to flourish, which promotes digestive balance. We believe that prebiotics are the most effective digestive support supplement available.

Is Daily Edge safe for diabetics?

Please consult your physician before determining whether any product, including Daily Edge, is right for you to be consuming.  Daily Edge does contain sugar. However, all of our flavors contain less than 1g of added sugar, and most of our flavors contain no added sugar at all.