Why Daily Edge

Prebiotics Rule!

In our opinion, Prebiotics are the gold standard when it comes to supporting gut health. There are already trillions of the good bacteria existing in your gut. Prebiotics are dietary fibers that feed and nourish this good bacteria. This helps that pre-existing good bacteria to flourish, and will encourage digestive balance in your gut.

It's also great to supplement with a few billion live bacteria in the form of Probiotic supplements.  But, if you're looking for digestive balance, we believe that it's more effective to nourish the trillions of good bacteria that already live in your gut.

Why Choose Daily Edge?

If there's one thing you drink today, it should be Daily Edge. Our Enhanced Fruit Drinks are one of a kind. We are the first drink to take gut support to the next level — with Electrolytes (Potassium, Magnesium, Sea Salt), Prebiotics (3g per bottle), and flavor without guilt (No GMOs, less than 50 calories, less than 1g sugar added, dairy free, caffeine free). 


Sincerely, The Daily Edge Team